Sunday, April 14, 2024

Lagotronics Projects updates Battle Arena with new options for operators

Lagotronics Projects has updated Battle Arena with three different levels of theming and storytelling. The principle remains the same for each level: collect as many points as possible by hitting targets hidden in the scenery or on the other gondolas. This is whilst the gondolas are moving up and down at pre-programmed, but unexpected intervals. Using a joystick in their gondolas, visitors can also rotate the gondola around its own axis, enabling them to spot all targets and opponents.

A new element, said to offer even more fun and make this ride a “true battle”, is that players can also play as a team and can steal points from their opponents. This is achieved by hitting targets on their gondolas. This battle can be played either by individual visitors, individual gondolas, but also with multiple gondolas in one team.

The integrated score system keeps track of all points collected by players. At the end of the ride, players can view and compare their scores.


The Battle Arena ride can be customized for every customer, with specific scenery, storyline and content (audio/video). The ride can be delivered with minimal theming, but also with detailed theming and comprehensive storytelling.

There are three different levels:

  • Basic Package: has minimal theming and storytelling, the focus is on the interactive battle and collecting points. Standard LED targets give visitors feedback when a target is hit.
  • Themed Package: the ride and the vehicles are themed as desired. With a well-thought-out storyline, visitors are drawn into the theme of the ride and mission that must be executed. Targets are objects that are included in the scenery. Various SFX are also integrated into the scenery, which are activated when certain targets are hit.
  • Dark Ride Package: this is the most comprehensive package, in which a combination of interactive scenery, interactive video screens and advanced special effects are used. By means of an appropriate storyline, a unique dark ride experience is created. Only suitable for indoor locations.

The Battle Arena is delivered as standard with an interactive system (24 shooters), audio installation, show lighting, score monitor and large LED Wall, to create an impressive battle arena. Every package can be customized as desired and extended with animatronics, scenery and SFX, such as water effects and smoke, light and sound effects, to name but a few.

An optional feature is to interactively include visitors queuing for the ride in the battle. Several shooters will be placed in the queue, allowing visitors to shoot the targets and players (gondolas). This makes the queue part of the experience, and this also creates a ‘practice arena’ for visitors to practice shooting.

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