Sunday, April 21, 2024

Liseberg will return for the 2022 season with a VR enhancement for its free fall attraction

Liseberg presents AtmosFear VR — a tailored virtual reality experience with a speed of 110 kilometers per hour (68 mph) in Europe’s highest free-fall ride. AtmosFear VR opens in connection with Liseberg’s premiere on April 23 and will operate until the wooden coaster Balder, which is closed for track-replacement, reopens later this summer.

AtmosFear is a free-fall attraction that opened in 2011. This summer, with the help of VR devices, the ride will offer a unique virtual experience in free fall from a height of almost 100 meters (about 328 feet).

“In a sci-fi version of Liseberg, you travel from AtmosFear’s station through wormholes and galaxies before being dropped almost 100 meters at 110 kilometers per hour under attack by robots,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.

The virtual world has been developed by the German VR company VR Coaster together with Quarry Fold Studio. The VR media will be synchronized with the physical ride.

“We know that there are many guests who will miss Balder in the first months of the summer season. That is why we are opening AtmosFear VR as a worthy, temporary replacement”, says Andersen.

AtmosFear VR will not be an upcharge but included in the regular ticket price. Premiere April 23, when Liseberg opens for the season.

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