Monday, July 15, 2024

Mad Systems’ Lory has eye on the future

Mad Systems, a leading innovator in technology solutions, has introduced Lory, a patent-pending Personalized Media Delivery System designed to revolutionize the visitor experience in public spaces. Lory harnesses is said to harness technologies to provide enhanced accessibility, multilingual support, and personalized exhibit experiences “like never before”.

Lory was conceived when the U.S. government deregulated hearing aids. It became apparent that costs would come down, and the previous generation of inductive loop-based facilities, always a problem in museum and theme park type of applications, would be replaced with smartphone support instead, requiring more up-to-date methods to provide information to hearing-impaired visitors and guests.

The Lory system employs a combination of advanced location recognition technologies such as RFID sensors, NFC tags, QR codes, facial recognition, and location-based technologies. These technologies identify users and deliver personalized media content based on their unique preferences directly to their smart devices.

A key focus of Lory is inclusivity. The system caters specifically to individuals with hearing impairments by delivering content compatible with hearing aids and offering sign language options, ensuring an inclusive experience for all visitors. Additionally, Lory is designed to break down language barriers by providing audio, subtitles, and sign language in multiple languages, accommodating users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

By identifying individual visitors and tailoring media content to their unique preferences, such as age, subject preference, and language proficiency, Lory delivers a personalized experience to every user.

“Lory represents a significant leap in the field of ADA support and media delivery,” said a spokesperson for Mad Systems. “It not only ensures a highly personalized and inclusive media experience for every visitor, but it also sets a new standard for interactive media consumption in the modern age.”

The versatility of Lory makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including museums, visitor centers, theme parks, resorts, public transport, cruise ships, smart cities, retail venues, sports bars, banks, customer support counters, and any location where communication is required.

Lory is not just a system for today; it is designed with an eye on the future. The system’s unique combination of location recognition technologies, personalized content delivery, and live feed support make it a game-changer in the field of media delivery. Future improvements and developments promise to further enhance the capabilities of this innovative system.

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