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Make more money with your souvenir photo system

According to Cliff Reeves, Director of Sales at DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation, there are two simple rules to follow when providing a souvenir photo product:

  1. Shoot a picture that is hard for people to take on their own.
  2. Provide professional quality.

The photo business is a lot like the attractions industry as a whole. Increasingly, consumers have the ability to take part in entertaining experiences, or shoot impressive photos, with devices in their home or pocket. So just as the larger industry has innovated in a variety of ways to entice people out of their homes and into attractions, DNP is finding ways to provide photo products unlike that which people can take with their own phones.

One example is the panoramic photo, which DNP was showcasing during IAAPA. Panoramic photos can be difficult to create but can be produced with inkjet printers and through dye sublimation. The dye sublimation product is preferred for this application, but can only be printed in panels, so DNP’s technology uses edge blending and stitching to make a seamless panoramic photo (similar to blending projectors).

The margin on panoramic photos is impressive. The additional cost is approximately 60 cents, but can add about $15 to the retail price.

For more information, visit DNP online.

Photo: Cliff Reeves poses with a panoramic photo at the DNP booth during IAAPA 2017
Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki owns and publishes InPark Magazine. Started in 2004, InPark Magazine provides owners and operators the perspective from "in"side the "park." Martin has also written for publications like Sound & Communications, Lighting & Sound America, Attractions Management and others. Martin has been featured in Time Magazine, and Folio. Martin lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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