Thursday, November 30, 2023

MediaMation brings back CEO Dan Jamele and plans to move headquarters

MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) has brought back Dan Jamele, co-founder of MMI, to the position of chief executive officer for the company. Serving as CEO for 25 years, Dan Jamele has taken a three-year hiatus before his recent return to the position.

Dan Jamele and co-founder Alison Jamele began the company in 1991 and have navigated MMI through many high-profile, award-winning projects by collaborating with major theme park operators such as Disney, Universal, Six Flags and more, as well as working with top cinema moguls such as Sony, Lionsgate and Paramount.

Dan Jamele plans to drive MMI forward on a path to success by showcasing new projects as well as new products soon to come. Dan Jamele’s reinstatement to his former position is not the only change for MMI. MMI is moving its headquarters along with assigning part of its team to a new studio. The movie programming team will be moving to a new programming/demo studio once owned by award-winning recording artist, jazz composer and pianist, David Benoit. The room is equipped with a full DCI projection system and surround sound audio. The main headquarters for MMI will be moving nearby to house their staff and room to create the latest and the greatest innovations that is soon to come.

Dan Jamele commented, “I look forward to the re-opening of both the cinema and theme park industries and MediaMation’s sustained growth in both markets. We are so grateful to our clients, employees, and friends that helped us to weather that storm and come out with more opportunities! I also look forward to seeing all our old friends at IAAPA [Expo] this year.”

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