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Meow Wolf goes fully virtual in VR mini golf partnership with Mighty Coconut

The newest location of Meow Wolf is everywhere… thanks to a collaboration with Mighty Coconut, the independent entertainment studio behind one of the best rated multiplayer experiences in virtual reality. Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf is opening to VR players globally on December 7. Here, players will be invited to putt through portals of possibility to score and explore a wondrous, kaleidoscopic, experimental world of fun-filled play. The course is the 23rd for Walkabout Mini Golf and the first entirely virtual experience for Meow Wolf. 

“Numina is a benevolent, multiversal being that’s interpreting mini golf and virtual reality as just another set of beings, physics and spaces to play within”, said co-founder and senior creative director Caity Kennedy, who co-created the course concept, “This expansive space provides a spectrum of new ways to create and play in a near limitless expressions and I am curious to see how people come together here for new, transformational experiences from near and far!”

The downloadable content (DLC) course will be available for $3.99 USD as an add on to Walkabout Mini Golf (on Meta Quest 2/Pro/3, PlayStation VR2, Steam, and PICO platforms) and includes 18 easy mode and 18 hard mode holes, collectible golf balls to seek out in game, a commemorative putter, Meow Wolf themed avatars for dressing up in the course and anywhere in Walkabout Mini Golf, and is teeming with familiar and new Meow Wolf creatures, colorful flora, mysterious portals, and more gameplay mechanics than any other course to date. 

Players will enter new realms of reality where an otherworldly being called Numina communicates with them through the language of mini golf via fanciful, curious, and often mischievous results. The creative collaboration between the artists of Meow Wolf and Mighty Coconut invites mini golfers to expand their game—and their mind. 

The Multiversal Multiplayer Muse

For Walkabout Mini Golf’s third licensed course, Mighty Coconut partnered with Meow Wolf—the perspective-shifting arts and entertainment company that inspires audiences to explore creative possibility and storytelling—for a totally new expression of both Meow Wolf’s IRL immersion and Walkabout’s sense of social presence. 

The whole idea came from within the Walkabout Mini Golf player community, from one player who happened to be the founder of Meow Wolf:

“Bringing Meow Wolf to Walkabout Mini Golf is such an exciting step for us as a storytelling company,” said Vince Kadlubek. “Millions of people every year get to experience the magic of our Meow Wolf worlds by visiting our exhibitions in-person, but now we get to share our artistic worlds with an exponentially larger audience all around the world. This partnership with Mighty Coconut has been an awesome way of unlocking this potential for us.”

Whereas the 2022 courses based on Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH film and Cyan’s classic video game MYST were interpretive in nature—expanding on familiar properties, “Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf” is a deep co-creation with Meow Wolf’s Caity Kennedy alongside the Mighty Coconut team. The rich and vibrant course is based on a central world in the Meow Wolf Denver location called Numina— a sentient universe attempting to communicate in the peculiar language of mini golf. 

More at www.mightycoconut.com/meowwolf 

One of Many Portals of Play

The Meow Wolf course is connected to a whole world of exploration and play, where people can dress up in their themed avatars and bring their friends along for the fun. Walkabout Mini Golf has—for hundreds of thousands of multi-generational players across the globe each month—become a gathering place with people of their choosing where they not only get in on the ongoing mini golf fun, but also scavenger hunts, collecting lost balls, tournaments and trick shots, and even flying across the eight included base game courses and the now 15 add-on DLC courses, with new ones opening every several weeks. With “cross play” across all major VR platforms and Pocket Edition for iOS coming soon, the possibilities for connection and exploration are expanding. Mighty Coconut has even partnered with leading VR accessories maker HelloReal VR for the Official Walkabout Grip-to-Putter, which is yielding its second edition controller attachment in time for the holidays, adding to immersive play.

Mighty Coconut launched Walkabout Mini Golf on the Meta Quest in the fall of 2020 and it has steadily grown to be a player favorite and sleeper system seller, with a nearly perfect five-star rating with nearly 11,000 reviews on Meta Quest—making it the best-rated multiplayer game on Quest and Steam platforms as well as a top 10 selling PlayStation VR2 title since launch. Player engagement boasts a 2-Hour Usage Rate for more than 50% of users (around 10 times the standard), meaning they play Walkabout Mini Golf until their battery runs out. 

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