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Michael Jungen named President of WhiteWater’s Vantage

Vantage Technology Ltd., part of WhiteWater’s family of companies, helps venues unify their systems around their guests and enables seamless, personalized experiences. The Vantage platform collates data that reveals guest behavior in real time, thus unlocking revenue opportunities for venues and streamlining their operations at the same time.

The company is pleased to announce attractions technology veteran, Michael Jungen, as President.

Technology pushing experience enablement forward

The combination of practical digital transformation with location-based entertainment makes Vantage a fit for Jungen. He has a successful track record implementing technologies for the attractions and hospitality industries.

Aaron Mendelson, Senior Vice President at Vantage, welcomes Jungen to the team: “Michael and I are kindred spirits; we both grew up in the amusement industry and found a passion for elevating the guest experience through technology. I’m looking forward to collaborating and helping Vantage achieve its potential.”

In more than 20 years with Disney, Jungen played a key role in the Disney Parks Next Generation Experience (NGE) project, leading invention, development and implementation of MagicBand and MyMagic+. Prior to NGE, Jungen directed teams responsible for innovation initiatives, including single-finger biometrics at park entrances and the Disney Gift Card.

Jungen’s involvement in Disney’s industry-leading technologies guided him to Carnival Corporation, where he led in developing and delivering Carnival’s Ocean Medallion guest experience platform — a paradigm-changer for the cruise and vacation industry. Most recently, as Global Vice President of CX Solutions Technology for Aristocrat Gaming, Jungen’s credentials helped shape the future of customer experience engagement platforms.

Photo courtesy of Vantage.
Taking Vantage — and parks — to new heights

“I have long said the enduring success of WhiteWater is a direct result of the talent we attract. Michael Jungen is no exception, and I’m delighted to welcome him into our ranks. He is going to scale Vantage to help parks around the world take their performance to the next level,” said WhiteWater CEO, Geoff Chutter.

Jungen himself says of the move: “It is as if my entire career has been preparing me for this position. In Vantage I see a platform which can revolutionize how parks connect to both their employees and guests. It is a game changer, and I’m thrilled to take the lead. It perfectly fits my vision to help make venues welcoming, engaging places for all who enter.”

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