Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Michel Commerman joins BoldMove Nation as Technical Operations Director

BoldMove Nation has announced Michel Commerman as the company’s Technical Operations Director. BoldMove Nation was launched in 2020 by CEO and Captain of Creative Minds Benoit Cornet. Michel has greatly contributed in the start-up phase by devising technical plans and layouts for creative dark ride and Themed FEC concepts, which are soon crystalizing into happy projects. 

Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner & Queen of Happy Hearts at BoldMove Nation, looks after all community & partner relations. She comments: “We’ve known Michel for some time and he combines excellent technical and analytical skills for master planning, project and production management. In addition, he adds valuable market insights to new projects like the innovative Houba World FEC with media-based attractions. To develop and implement our creative ideas, we rely on the technology expertise and production capabilities of our Nation partners. Michel is a crucial and central pillar in consolidating and synchronizing all efforts into a smooth and high-qualty end-result, leaving no stone unturned to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.”

At BoldMove Nation, Michel will ensure all products and promises are realized following the highest quality and safety standards. With an architect degree, he gained experience in theming and decoration as project leader at the Belgian renown Plopsa Group and at KCC as Design Director. During seven years at iP2 Entertainment, specialized in Branded Family Entertainment Centers, Michel created new concepts and attractions for well-known IP holders such as Dreamworks, National Geographic, Mattel, Real Madrid, Warner Bros, Fox and Marvel. He also developed the latest VR-AR Fun creations for Mattel and National Geographic. Last year, Michel supported projects for Antwerp Zoo and Planckendael Zoo in Belgium. 

“It’s refreshing to operate in a pioneering environment with such engaged and experienced people across our Nation. We can truly develop solutions required and demanded by the market without any limitations or heritage but focus on the visitor experience and what best fits each venue. I look forward to creating many happy worlds at BoldMove!” concludes Michel Commerman.

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