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Mindi Lipschultz on Eco Challenge’s Media Production (includes video)

Mindi at the Thea Awards in March 2011

Last week InPark had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Eco Challenge exhibit that was produced by Cinnabar, Inc. for the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California. The exhibit focuses on three areas of conservation: consumer goods and packaging, recycling streams, and household hazardous waste. The largest amount of space is devoted to a recreated grocery store where visitors can play the Super Eco Challenge Shopping game. 

Guests grab a technology-enhanced shopping cart and interact with five animated clerks throughout the store to select the right items for their game-generated shopping list. Mindi Lipschultz produced the media for the project and worked with Cinnabar and the museum to develop the characters and the environments they “live” in. 

InPark was able to speak with Mindi about her work on the project and created two short video blogs detailing some of the features of the exhibit’s media. 

Check back for more information on the museum and InPark’s experience in other parts of the exhibit.



Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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