Sunday, June 23, 2024

Monster Mini Golf locations unite under Semnox’s Parafait suite

Semnox Solutions, which builds holistic technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry, will now be utilized in 30-plus Monster Mini Golf locations across the nation and in Canada with technology upgrades.

Monster Mini Golf, an indoor glow-in-the-dark family entertainment center that features an 18-hole mini golf course, laser tag, and an arcade, began migrating its point-of-sale systems and arcade management systems to Semnox’s Parafait suite of solutions this year.

“We offer our franchise owners some flexibility within their market, which is different from other Semnox multi-unit partners,” said the President of Monster Entertainment, Chris King. “Together we had to create a hybrid scenario to develop all needs effectively. The all-in-one system creates unification of all technologies, and the fair subscription rate doesn’t gouge expenses which is a nice touch in this industry.”

Monster Mini Golf offers different promotions, special packages, and loyalty programs depending on location. Some locations used token-based arcade games, while others used magnetic swipe cards. Franchisee operators at each location will receive a new POS system, an arcade RFID card reader system upgrade, and self-service kiosks provided by Semnox Solutions.

“Our operators were using several POS Systems as well as various third party applications to operate their centers. This was a barrier to effective management and analysis of our business, as we had no unification or top-level transparency,” said Chris King. “The Semnox system provided an all-in-one system that brought us all together and incorporated new tools such as online booking, reservations and e-commerce.”

The POS system will allow operators to set their own promotions while creating central reporting metrics for the corporate office. RFID card readers and kiosks will help increase revenue and provide an overall better guest experience. King said, “Of the venues we did move over, there was a 25-30 percent immediate jump in revenue, including arcade play, as well as the ability to create and sell attraction combinations.”

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