Saturday, September 30, 2023

Netflix brings all-new Stranger Things immersive experience to Brooklyn

Netflix and experience discovery platform Fever have teamed up to deliver a new immersive Stranger Things experience which launches at The Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard on May 7. Here, fans are transported into the Stranger Things Universe — a world of supernatural mystery, enduring friendships, and 80s nostalgia in an atmospheric celebration of the award-winning show.

This brand new storyline, developed exclusively with the show’s creators, propels guests into a parallel universe where they must unlock their secret powers to face the gauntlet of lurking terrors and help save the town. After their perilous escape from the Upside Down, fans will arrive at an immersive food & beverage and retail hub celebrating Stranger Things’ most visually iconic locations. Here, fans are free to explore every element of the Stranger Things world, such as grabbing a USS Butterscotch sundae at Scoops Ahoy, knocking off MADMAX’s high score at the Palace Arcade, and even avoiding encounters with the Demogorgons in the Upside Down.


  • Co-produced by Netflix and Fever, this experience takes fans of the series inside some of its most iconic settings on an intimate guided new adventure alongside the characters before the chance to hang out and explore all the major locations from the show.
  • Stranger Things: The Experience follows the successes of the first official Stranger Things Stores that brought the “Upside-Down” to New York City and Los Angeles in Fall 2021, welcoming hundreds of thousands of guests and fans of the show over the course of its run. That followed Stranger Things: The Drive Into Experience which took place in Los Angeles in Spring 2021, selling out every day for more than seven months.
  • The Duggal Greenhouse is a raw event space that came to life in 2009 when Duggal Visual Solutions chose to retrofit and reinvent a once dilapidated WWII ship facility. With 35,000 square feet of open and unobstructed space, 70-foot ceilings, glass paneling, and waterfront views, the Greenhouse is an entirely blank canvas to be transformed.
  • The brand new Stranger Things: The Experience opens in San Francisco and other cities around the world later this year.

“The rift is open and we’re excited that our Stranger Things fans will get to jump into the magic once more,” said Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix. “This time they will take on the challenges themselves and work alongside Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang to fight the evil monsters plaguing Hawkins. As Dustin would say, you always say we should never stop being curious, to always open any curiosity door we find.”

Attendees are encouraged to wear face masks at all times and must adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines. Hand sanitizer stations will be available to visitors on-site.

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