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New flying theater concepts at AAE

Holovis and Brogent independently announced two different flying theater ride systems during the 2018 Asian Attractions Expo in Hong Kong.

Holovis’ Li-Fly and Brogent’s m-Ride take two very different approaches to the flying theater concept.

Holovis unveils Li-Fly

Holovis hosts an in-booth happy hour to celebrate the launch of Li-Fly

Taking a new approach to the flying theater concept, Holovis unveiled Li-Fly, placing riders in a prone position looking forward and down into a projected curved screen. Holovis will develop concept and media production. The ride will be delivered turn-key to operators.

“We looked at how we could take the flying theater experience, which guests love, and enhance it with the latest in technology and simulation,” said Holovis CEO Stuart Hetherington. “In a traditional theater experience you are sitting on the edge of the theater, but Li-Fly puts you right into the middle of the film. It’s a very active experience and thrilling.”

The ride system will function similarly to a B&M flying coaster, where guests sit in a chair that is then ratcheted back up, placing them in a prone “Superman” position. Hetherington acknowledged that the more intimidating style will limit some riders from participating, but explained that the goal was to inject some thrill and excitement into the attraction. He expects the first one to be completed within a year.

Brogent reveals m-Ride

Brogent’s m-Ride is based on the popular i-Ride system

Brogent’s popular flying theater system, i-Ride, has seen installations around the world, including the growing FlyOver attractions. In order to bring a similar experience to venues with smaller budgets, Brogent developed m-Ride.

The ride is offered in 20, 60 and 78 seat models and is different from i-Ride in two ways. First, instead of pushing the vehicles forward into the theater for the experience, the m-Ride rotates each gondola around into the theater. The m-Ride also does not include a roll movement, but it does include pitch, yaw, heave and surge.

“We kept the core elements of i-Ride and developed a more affordable version that is easy to maintain,” said Brogent’s Stefan Rothaug. The first m-Ride will open in 2019.

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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