Thursday, July 18, 2024

O’Gliss Park premieres all-new waterslide

O’Gliss Park announced the grand opening of the world’s first Stingray water slide. This attraction, designed and manufactured by Polin Waterparks, was unveiled at a ceremony featuring prominent speakers including Loïc Chusseau, Mayor of Le Bernard; Michael Thibaud, CEO of O’Gliss Park; Gabriel Bonnin, Associate and Investor in O’Gliss Park; Tiphaine Frappier, Sales Director; Clément, Communication Director; and Sohret Pakis, Brand Ambassador of Polin Waterparks.

The Stingray is a four-lane, eight-passenger, high-capacity racing tube slide. The journey begins at a custom-designed start tower, which features a roof structure that provides shade and a cooling mist.

Once guests enter one of the four flume entrances, they embark on a ride through multiple interweaving paths that lead to two bowls. Each bowl features two distinct paths: one larger, longer, faster, and more thrilling, and one smaller, shorter, and especially entertaining. This variety ensures a unique experience with every ride, encouraging repeat visits.

The Stingray’s features include:

  • Compact Design with High Capacity: Accommodating eight passengers across four lanes, the Stingray efficiently utilizes space while providing a high-capacity, thrilling ride.
  • Unique Start Tower: The custom start tower with a distinctive roof structure offers both shade and a cooling mist, enhancing guest comfort.
  • Multiple Interweaving Ride Paths: With four flume entrances leading to two gigantic bowls, each offering two unique paths, guests are guaranteed a different experience each time.
  • Centrifugal Force Thrills: Riders experience the thrill of whirling around the sides of the bowls using centrifugal force, creating an exhilarating and unique sensation.
  • Bridge Connecting Towers: A bridge links the two start towers, improving guest accessibility and flow between starting points.

Thibaud expressed his excitement about the new attraction: “The Stingray is a revolutionary water slide that sets a new benchmark for waterpark experiences. We are thrilled to offer our guests this unique and exhilarating ride.”

Pakis added: “We are incredibly proud to partner with O’Gliss Park on this project. The Stingray represents the pinnacle of our design and engineering capabilities, and we are confident it will provide guests with an unforgettable experience. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our partner, Edsun, for their great support and collaboration in making this project a reality.”

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