Sunday, July 14, 2024

Orlando Science Center Awarded Major NASA Grant

In June of 2022, NASA awarded Orlando Science Center (OSC) a three-year $795,000 grant to support a multi-year partnership implementing weekly STEM engagement for youth across the City of Orlando. 

The NASA award will support a collaboration between OSC, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Swampworks, and the City of Orlando’s Grand Avenue neighborhood community center. Content will be in alignment with ARTEMIS and NASA’s Communication Themes (Humans in Space & Moon to Mars). It will also create and launch a new engineering design challenge for teams that can be scaled nationwide in year 3. This project will enable participants to work together to authentically contribute to NASA’s ARTEMIS mission using virtual engineering platforms like TinkerCAD, real-world materials and supplies, and evidence-based engineering designs. Participating youth will create a solution to a problem identified by NASA KSC Swampworks that astronauts engaged in the ARTEMIS mission may face as they live in space or travel from the Moon to Mars.

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