Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Orlando’s ICON Park introduces Carousel on The Promenade

ICON Park, which opened The Wheel in 2015, introduces its second self-owned and operated ride, The Carousel on The Promenade. Guests who stroll along the brick path of the ICON Park Promenade, which is lined with restaurants and interesting merchandise and food kiosks under festoon lights, can now enjoy the special carousel experience.

“The Carousel on The Promenade is the first ride of its kind in the Orlando Entertainment District. We’re extremely proud to introduce our second owned and operated attraction to guests,” said Chris Jaskiewicz, President and CEO of ICON Park. “Just as The Wheel has created wonderful memories for families all over the world, so will our new carousel.” The 36-foot carousel will feature 30 figures made up of a variety of animals including horses, reindeer, sea dragons, deer, zebras and more. The figures are replicas from famous antique carousels hand-carved in the late 1800s and early 1900s, including the “Parker Flag Horse,” “Loof Indian Pony” and the famous “Rose Horse” that was on America’s first carousel in Coney Island in 1876, carved by Charles Loof. Two chariot benches make the attraction suitable for guests of all ages and accessible for people with disabilities.

The Carousel on the Promenade at ICON Park is a masterpiece that was painstakingly crafted by Chance Rides for an authentic, distinctive look. The scenery has been modeled after the finest antique carousels from years gone by. 

The carousel was carefully installed, and its surrounding areas designed and constructed, by Pat Hoffman, Ron Hall, Rick Bowles, Plummer Painting, EvoScape Landscaping and Keator Construction, all of whom worked closely with the ICON Park team to create this beautiful enhancement to the entertainment destination.  

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