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PGAV Destinations to assist planning for experiences at International Dark Sky Discovery Center

PGAV Destinations, is engaging with International Dark Sky Discovery Center (IDSDC) in a visitor experience plan for a first-of-its-kind facility as the world’s center for learning about the importance of dark skies and what lies beyond. The non-profit IDSDC will include four educational attractions: the Dark Sky Observatory with the largest telescope in the greater Phoenix area, and interactive and experiential learning in the Hyperspace Planetarium, Inspiration Theater and Immersion Zone.

PGAV: The Power of We, an exploration on the art of destinology

“I never realized the importance of dark skies for human health and animal wellbeing,” said Tom Owen, PGAV Vice President and project leader. “The International Dark Sky Discovery Center will help people like me make informed choices about effective lighting — how it uses less energy, provides safer communities, protects ecosystems, and creates a future where my children and grandchildren will look up and see their own starry night.”

Photo courtesy of IDSDC.

PGAV’s planning process includes the design of interactions, processes and strategies to support experiences for the prospect of connecting the night sky to life on earth. Planning will take IDSDC through analysis and discovery understanding the client and visitor’s needs, to product and experience development, through implementation, for the overall experience. PGAV will plan and design exhibits, graphics, media and thematic elements to define the visitor experience and inform architectural planning for the IDSDC.

“We are fortunate to be working with PGAV Destinations, an organization with the proven ability to create unique, memorable, and educational visitor experiences, which is critical for sustainability and growth,” said Joe Bill, President of the International Dark Sky Discovery Center.

IDSDC is committed to preserving dark skies using science-based education and interactive experiences for better understanding of astronomy, the space program, the universe and life on earth.

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