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IAE17 NEWS: Dynamic Attractions Introduces Two New Products at IAAPA Attractions Expo

by Rona Gindin

PHOTO AND VIDEO courtesy Dynamic Attractions.

ORLANDO – Dynamic Attractions introduced two new products at the IAAPA convention today. The Dynamic All-Terrain Dark Ride is a ride foundation in which vehicles can travel on rough roads and traverse up and down hills and stairs. It is neither on a track nor tethered. “It will intentionally make you feel like you’re in a precarious position,” said George Walker, senior vice president of creative services. This new line of product can be customized to fit various themes. Second, the company unveiled the Dynamic Flightcycle, a flying theater project with which riders can soar as if leaning forward on a motorcycle while in front of a large concave screen. “It’s like a motorcycle with wings,” says Mike Haimson, vice president of technical development. Elements such as scent, wind and mist can be added. With low ceiling requirements and seating for 12 to 72 people, this modular product can be scaled to fit small and large spaces. The Flightcycle is available as a fully themed Dragon Rider attraction with a storyline involving feuding kingdoms in which warriors travel on dragon-back. The package includes preshow and scenic elements, media, projection and the screen for a set price.


Dynamic Attractions: Orlando meets Moscow

Rona Gindin
Rona Gindin
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