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New Cirque Éloize showcase at Futuroscope

Announced July 20, 2022, Cirque Éloize will be showcased at Futuroscope, the unique theme park in Poitiers, France, with three daily performances of Plage au Cirque [“Beach at the Circus”], an original creation designed and produced specifically for the park. In a nod to summer holidays at the beach, this exclusive show recreates the atmosphere of a seaside resort where vibrant characters meet in theatrical and acrobatic performances.

Every day from July 16 to August 23 2022, 13 performers in distinct roles will appear on a stage that recreates a typical waterfront setting that is an attraction in and of itself. In the story, a fiery DJ brings together festive holidaymakers, tired young parents, silent readers, and singles searching for their soulmates, weaving a playful and funny story that all ages can relate to. These elements come together to provide a relaxing interlude for families visiting the park. In addition to theatrical and clowning sequences, world-class acts combining circus disciplines—wire, Cyr wheel, aerial hoop, trial bike, chair acrobatics (six meters above ground), and trampwall—are showcased on stage.

“We are extremely proud of this first collaboration with Futuroscope. It has allowed us to push the limits of our creativity by designing an entertainment experience that is funny, poetic, and meaningful. This new show features the expertise developed by Cirque Éloize over the years, including high-level acts and an original and unpredictable story of celebration and unity,” says Jeannot Painchaud, President and Chief Creative Officer of Cirque Éloize.

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