Thursday, May 23, 2024

Polin Waterparks recognized with innovation award

After 3 years, Turkey’s most comprehensive innovation event was held in Haliç Congress Center on December 12-13 with the theme “New Century of Innovation.”

Within the scope of the event, there was also the “InovaLIG Champions Award Ceremony” which brought together all the stakeholders that shape innovation. This year, 15 companies were awarded in the “Innovation Strategy”, “Innovation Organization and Culture”, “Innovation Cycle”, “Innovation Sources”, and “Innovation Results” categories. InovaLIG awards were presented to a total of 25 enterprises, including 15 companies that are champions of 5 different categories and 10 companies that are the third and the second in the large-scale category.

Polin Waterparks received the third prize in the “Innovation Cycle” Category.

Receiving the award from the Minister of Commerce Dr. Mehmet Muş, Polin Group Chief Executive Officer Başar Pakiş said, “Today, the path to success in both international and local competition is indisputably R&D and innovation. On the journey that we set off with our vision of innovation, superior quality, and technology leadership, we, as Polin, are proud of the contributions we have made to the industry by improving our R&D investments for 46 years. As a global player in the industry, we are positioning our efforts in this direction in order to maintain our position as innovation and technology leadership.”

Polin Waterparks contributes not only to the entertainment industry but also to the industrial design and composite industries with its R&D studies.

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