Friday, March 1, 2024

Polin Aquariums helps create Magic Aquarium at Uzbekistan’s Magic City theme park

On March 20, an oceanarium in the style of the lost city of Atlantis opened on the territory of the Magic City theme park, and it’s the first full-scale public aquarium of Uzbekistan executed by Polin Aquariums with turnkey aquarium specialist services.

Magic Aquarium is part of Magic City, and the aquarium’s total area is 2,762 square meters (nearly 30,000 square feet) with 50 exhibits with approximately 1,303 cubic meters (approximately 344,000 gallons) water volume. The zones of the aquarium are Uzbekistan History, Jungle, Touch & Discover, Atlantic Cave, Odd Shape Mariners, Pier, Shipwreck, Shark Hall, Discovery Room, Tunnel (22 meters/72 feet long) and Magic World.

Photos courtesy of Polin Aquariums.

Polin Aquariums started to supervise the construction from the beginning with its engineering team. The conceptual design and storyline of the aquarium were finalized by the Polin Aquariums’ design team. The engineering team supervised the construction of aquarium bodies. Also, Polin Aquariums’ in-house teams applied the waterproofing systems, provided and installed acrylic panels, manufactured, installed and commissioned the life support systems, manufactured and installed pre-fabricated aquariums, applied all underwater and dry-side theming elements with its theming artisans. Associate with the best efforts of AKFA Group and Polin Aquariums during the pandemic period, construction didn’t stop and the aquarium is successfully finished.

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