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Powersoft releases version 2.3 of its ArmoníaPlus audio solution

Powersoft announced that version 2.3 of ArmoníaPlus — a major update which enables system designers and integrators to have a more granular control of the company’s Dynamic Music Distribution solution — is now available to download from its website.

Dynamic Music Distribution offers system integrators the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its amplifier platforms. This makes it simple to dynamically route music and other signal sources along with control signals between different zones and across multiple amplifiers — all independently of source location and without the need for a centralised DSP.

Multi-zone and sub-zone control in the WM Touch interface. Image courtesy of Powersoft.
Sub-zone control

The latest update to Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software will provide integrators with the tools to easily select groups of loudspeakers within a zone to create sub-zones with their own audio level controls. While the audio source is common for all, the audio level of each sub-zone can be individually adjusted by the user via any of the Powersoft control interfaces, such as the WM Touch and Sys Control App.

WM Touch upgrade

ArmoníaPlus v2.3 updates are also available for the WM Touch, delivering usability improvements and the option to separately assign mute and level controls to zones. This means, for example, that it is now possible to configure the WM Touch to control the level of a zone, while not allowing users to mute it.

Sys Control App

“We are really excited to announce a complete revamp of the Sys Control App. It packs powerful new features to fine tune a running system and an improved interface for a better overall experience,” says Luigi Chelli, Powersoft’s UX Design specialist. “Instead of simply adding more buttons, we fulfilled the requests of our users by creating something more enjoyable, with a slick touch-friendly approach.”

Interface of ArmoníaPlus version 2.3. Image courtesy of Powersoft.
An update revamp

Here is an outline of the innovations introduced with the feature-packed v2.3 upgrade:

  • New version of the Sys Control App (iOS and Android): usability improvements, new system control capabilities, and simplified configuration and access.
  • Separation of zone mute and level controls in the WM Touch: users can now set the WM Touch to independently control the level or mute of a given zone.
  • Usability improvement to the WM Touch firmware.
  • Sub-Zones for DMD systems: users are now able to control groups of loudspeakers within a zone.
  • Limitation to audio level controls in DMD systems: users can define the minimum and maximum permissible audio levels for a given zone or sub-zone.
  • Introduction of DMD system on/off via GPI: it is now possible to turn the entire system on/off remotely, via GPI.

The ArmoníaPlus, Sys control app and WM Touch updates are strictly related to Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution solutions, which will be taking centre stage at the company’s main booth at ISE in Barcelona, (May 10-13, Hall 7, booth 7M700). Powersoft experts will be on hand to guide visitors through the many functionalities that DMD and the latest ArmoniaPlus update has to offer.

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