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Covid-19 and the Attractions Marketplace: a perspective from Shanghai 新冠疫情下的文旅娱市场:上海视角

By Praveen Rao, Regional Marketing Director市场总监, EDGcompany

Photo Source: https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2003033356/

With the world caught in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic it is no secret that virtually every aspect of life has been impacted. From mandated shelter-in-place orders to martial law being declared in some countries, billions of people are facing adjustments to their lives both now and for months to come. While these changes are having many negative impacts, particularly in regards to venue usage and attraction potential, they have at the same time highlighted many new and innovative ways to utilize technology not only to bring new forms of entertainment but also track, control and contain the spread of the virus to allow life to return to normal in some areas.

随着COVID-19新冠肺炎的全球蔓延,我们生活的方方面面都受到了不同程度的影响。 从许多国家宣布的强制居家隔离令到戒严令,数十亿人正面临着现在以致未来几个月的生活调整。 尽管这些改变带来了许多负面影响,尤其是在公共场地使用和潜力景点方面,但同时也激发了许多新的创新方式,不仅可以利用技术带来新的娱乐方式,而且通过跟踪、监测来控制病毒传播使某些地区的生活尽快恢复正常。

Technology and Social Distancing


One of the main concepts used to contain the spread of the virus has been social distancing – either through maintaining strict quarantine status or limiting contact between individuals to minimize potential contact and spread. Technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) are helping to ease the burden of social distancing. For example:

众所周知遏制病毒传播的最主要概念之一是远距离社交 – 无论是保持严格的隔离状态或是限制个人之间的接触都是在最大程度地减少潜在接触和传播。而虚拟现实和增强现实(VR&AR)等技术正在帮助减轻社会疏离的负担。例如:

  • -Theme parks and attractions are creating “distance tours” of their rides and experiences.


  • -Teachers are providing classes in full VR environments in ways never seen before.


  • -Museums are creating virtual versions of their collections for people to explore.


Additionally the usage of innovative tracking apps such as Ant Financial’s “Alipay Health Code & Close Contact Detector” uses GPS data to track individual users and assigns codes based on their risk potential from travel and other activity over a 14-day period (“green,” “orange” and “red” codes for “safe,” “moderate risk” and “high risk” accordingly). Venues and officials are able to review these codes and allow or deny entrance to public areas, helping prevent the further spread of the virus.

尤其是创新跟踪应用程序的使用,例如蚂蚁金服的“支付宝健康代码及近距离接触检测”,使用GPS数据来跟踪单个用户,并根据他们在14天的行程和其他活动的潜在风险来分配代码(“绿色 ”“橙色”和“红色”分别表示“安全”,还有“中等风险”和“高风险”)。场地管理者和审查人员能够查看这些状态,并允许或拒绝个人进入公共区域,以帮助防止病毒进一步传播。

China’s Controlled Return to Normal


By applying a heavy reliance on modern technologies and tracking capabilities China leveraged its technology and infrastructure in a way that would have been impossible 15 or 20 years ago, helping slow down an epidemic that would have been even more devastating in another era. As of today public spaces, sporting events and centers, entertainment venues and other public destinations are opening back up across China while they are closing around the world.


This does not mean that life is returning fully to normal, though, as the population still maintains active social distancing and will most likely remain impacted by this for years if not decades to come. This is forcing entertainment operators to also rethink their operations practices, recalculating Theoretical Hourly Capacities (THCs) and incorporating more modern tracking and planning techniques and technologies than ever before.


For us at EDGventures, this means focusing even more heavily on our incrementalization practices, breaking up various needs and end goals into manageable projects. As China progressively reopens it is uniquely positioned as a market that can test various new technologies and applications and help pave the way for their application globally to help entertainment and tourism sectors not just return back to what they once were but take the next step in becoming true Next Generation Destinations.


Praveen Rao

About the Author

Praveen Rao is the Regional Marketing Director at EDGventures,  part of EDGcompany. Praveen is responsible for overall brand development, event planning, and digital marketing for the group. He actively seeks new opportunities for EDGventures projects, innovative entertainment, potential partners, and investors.

With an extensive international background, knowledge, and over 16 years of experience in managing conferences, tradeshows and talent representation for various industries, Praveen has broad experience in the real estate and tourism investment and development sector. Having worked on several investment conferences in China, Singapore, India and Dubai and having developed strong regional real estate developer and investment sector networks, he understands current market trends across both real estate and tourism sectors.

As a current resident of Shanghai, Praveen also lived and worked in Cape Town, Dubai, Singapore, and Bangalore.

Praveen Rao是EDGventures的市场总监。Praveen在EDGventures担任市场总监,负责发展全球市场。除了负责整体品牌开发、活动策划和数字营销外,Praveen还积极为EDGventures项目、创新娱乐、潜在合作伙伴和投资者寻找新的机会。



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Martin Palicki
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