Thursday, May 13, 2021

Aquatica’s Newest Slides Mark First of 25 ProSlide SkyBOX Systems Installing in 2014

Ottawa, ON, Canada — Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, a ProSlide custom complex with 4 SuperLOOP speed slides, opened to rave reviews last month. Three of the high-speed, looping slides on the 80 ft tower include the SkyBOX drop launch system.   

SeaWorld’s complex is just the first of 25 SkyBOX launch systems being installed this year. This is a 40% increase in installations since the product was introduced in 2010.

The demand for the SkyBOX is easy to understand: it’s a cost-effective way to add even more excitement for adrenalin-seeking guests. And to create a bigger buzz in a market.

Whether it’s for a new waterpark, expansion or a retrofit, our third generation SkyBOX is the most advanced launch system in terms of both safety and performance. And ProSlide’s ability to custom design for any footprint makes the SkyBOX an ideal option for indoor waterparks as well.

  • 60°, 70° & 80° drop angles: for maximum design flexibility and thrills.
  • No components located directly below the drop floor: improves operations & simplifies deck requirements
  • Synchronized starts, random dispatch & timing systems: enhance rider experience

Pro-Slide has packed a lot of unique technology into this sleek-looking system:  

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen operating system: clearly displays alerts and more
  • Daily system test: verifies all mechanical components, water sensors & emergency stops before riders can be launched 
  • Solenoid blocks: like those used on airliners. Offer fast & safe switching, high reliability & long service life. 
  • Remote-monitoring diagnostics: an industry first. Records ride operation in real-time for software updates, troubleshooting and technical support if required.

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