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ProSlide introduces 17 new water rides for Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai expansion

ProSlide Technology Inc. announces the Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai Phase 3 waterpark expansion. Featuring ProSlide’s most innovative and advanced water ride technology, Aquaventure opened 17 iconic ProSlide water rides for this record-breaking expansion. This includes two state-of-the-art water park towers with multiple RallyRACERTM mat racers, a new WaterKINGDOM featuring the world’s first KidzADVENTURE TowerTM, and multiple ProSlide Water Coasters, including the world’s longest family rafting Water Coaster.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to once again work with Atlantis and, together with the project team of global industry professionals, help them to realize their amazing vision for this extremely significant expansion project”, says Philip Baker, VP Business Development MENA, ProSlide. “Atlantis Aquaventure sets a new water park standard for Dubai, the Middle East, and the world.”

Trident Tower – World-Record Water Ride Complex

Towering over Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai is the park’s anchor attraction, Trident Tower. At 48-meters tall with 12 high-performance water rides, this new structure commands the skyline of this world-leading water park. Anchoring the Tower is the world’s longest family rafting Water Coaster and first MammothBLAST™ Water Coaster – Shockwave. This is a thrilling, family adventure water ride design that combines ProSlide’s next-generation BLAST water propulsion, FlyingSAUCER® high-speed turns, and the PowerRIVERTM rafting river channel.

Trident Tower also features the 2019 IAAPA IMPACT Award-winning Dueling PIPElineBLAST®/FlyingSAUCER® 20, otherwise known as Medusa’s Lair. Also making its debut in the EMEA region is ProSlide’s RallyRACER®, the latest evolution of the mat racer. Dubbed ‘Hydra Racers’ at Aquaventure, the RallyRACER® features ProSlide’s patented RallyPOINTS which are sections of u- shaped flume with low divider walls that allow riders to see and hear their competitors at strategic points during the race.

The innovation continues as Trident Tower boasts even more record-holders and “firsts” in the region, including the world’s tallest Double TornadoWAVE® called ‘Odyssey of Terror’ and the EMEA’s tallest FreeFALL speed slide dubbed ‘Blackout’.

Splashers Cove – World’s First KidzADVENTURE TowerTM

Splashers Cove is an oasis for families anchored by a ProSlide WaterKINGDOMTM with the world’s first KidzADVENTURE TowerTM (KAT). Inspired by the iconic Trident Tower, Splashers Cove features modern architecture and smaller versions of award-winning ProSlide water rides. Innovated specifically for kids and families, the KAT creates unique, graduated ride experiences for the younger guests to gain the experience and confidence to conquer Trident Tower.

Splashers Cove is the perfect introduction for future thrill seekers as they race their friends and family on the world’s first KIDZ RallyRACER. With an abundance of junior water rides, Splasher’s Cove (and the KIDZ Zone Splashers Lagoon) is a water park within a water park and the perfect attraction for kids and families.

“The water rides ProSlide installed are second-to-none and are the perfect complement for our vision for Atlantis to be among the world’s best water parks” says Sascha Triemer, VP, Marine & Waterpark, Atlantis, Dubai. “Their technology, innovation, and creative design have brought Atlantis to a completely new and higher level in the destination industry that could not have been achieved with any other water ride manufacturer.”

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