Tuesday, April 16, 2024

ProSlide equips new Ocean Flower Water Park with 15 rides

ProSlide Technology Inc. and the Evergrande Group celebrate the soft opening of the brand-new Ocean Flower Water Park, located in Danzhou, China, in the Hainan province. This momentous opening marks the advent of a significant collaboration between ProSlide and Evergrande Group. Ocean Flower Water Park will be home to six complexes that house 15 ProSlide water rides including, at a staggering 359 meters, the world’s longest ProSlide RocketBLAST Water Coaster.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have partnered with the Evergrande Group on this monumental water park,” said ProSlide Vice President, Asia-Pacific Business Operations Chuanchao Cheng. “The vision of leisure and entertainment on display at Evergrande Ocean Flower is inspiring. ProSlide’s water rides lead the global industry in innovation and technology, and we’re proud to be bringing them to Evergrande’s newest park.”

Images courtesy of ProSlide Technology Inc.

Ocean Flower features a high-performance ride mix of ProSlide’s most innovative and iconic water rides spread across the park’s six complexes. Among them is a ProSlide water coaster that holds the title of China’s first four-person RocketBLAST Water Coaster, while also being the world’s longest. Guests of Ocean Flower get to experience the ride’s eight high-powered booster sections that use patented water jets to drive the inline boats through the coaster. The park is also home to China’s first six-person TornadoWAVE — a curved wall that sends riders sweeping across the top, experiencing zero-Gs. 

ProSlide’s Chief Commercial Officer Ray Smegal prides the teams that worked on the project for their resilience in the face of obstacles: “Dealing with COVID guidelines, time differences, holidays and collaboration between ProSlide’s Shanghai team, Ottawa team, Evergrande’s engineering team and various suppliers presented some big challenges that required creative solutions. Our teams showed an unwavering level of diligence, commitment, passion and dedication to this incredible project, and our client’s vision.”

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