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Red Raion and Loveland Living Planet craft a mixed live-action/VR experience set for spring 2022

Red Raion, the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, and Loveland Living Planet, the nonprofit organization born to inspire people to learn about Earth’s diverse ecosystems, are proud to announce their collaboration for the production of the new VR Experience for the Aquarium’s attraction EECO.

EECO, a name that stands for Ecosystem Exploration Craft & Observatory, is a structure with an impressive live story: born as the stage for U2’s 360-degree tour, one of the largest traveling stages in rock history, it is currently living its second life as a permanent art installation at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Utah.

The 16-stories tall structure opened in July 2020 in the Aquarium’s Rio Tinto Kennecott Plaza, or “Science Learning Plaza”, a place that — up to now — has been exploited to provide learning opportunities and private and public gatherings under the lights of EECO.

Image courtesy of Red Raion.

This new partnership will see Red Raion produce a VR experience that the guests of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium will get to live in the 64-seat VR cinema that will rise in the round area underneath EECO.

The VR experience will open in Spring 2022 and it will consist of two movies that mix live-action and VR technology — an edutainment project that aims at taking the aquarium’s guests on a virtual journey across different times, places and dimensions, while EECO will serve as a fascinating learning scenario and as the narrating voice for the wonders of our Living Planet.

“It is an immense honor for us to have been chosen by Loveland Living Planet to produce this amazing VR experience”, declared Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion.

“It’s a very ambitious project that will put together live-action and VR, an unprecedented combination that is going to make this experience as immersive, fun, and captivating as possible.”

“This will be an exciting way to teach people about our planet and how everything is interconnected. Using this kind of technology is exciting because we’ll never run out of places to explore,” said Aquarium Founder and CEO Brent Andersen.

Red Raion collaborates with SimEx-Iwerks on “Frostbite – Dino Island III” for their FlyRide flying theaters.

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