Monday, December 4, 2023

Roaring Timbers, a first for Vietnam, opens at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Roaring Timbers (Mộc Xà Thịnh Nộ) at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park — Vietnam’s first and only wooden roller coaster — opened on February 1 at the island amusement center.

Designed by Skyline Attractions and manufactured by Great Coasters International, Roaring Timbers is the first phase of the park’s Exotica expansion which will include two additional new attractions, new food, beverage and entertainment offerings.

“Roaring Timbers represents the first of several new attractions and expansion lands that will be opening in our Sun World Parks in 2022,” said Daan Duijm, Sun World Group Director of Operations and Set Up. “We are looking forward to welcoming the world back to our beautiful Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in 2022, where we have been busy creating more unforgettable world-class experiences for our guests to enjoy.”

Photos courtesy of Sun World Parks.

”Roaring Timbers features fourteen hills and fourteen exciting crossovers that pass over or under another section of track, making this one of the most twisted wooden pieces of art in the world,” said Brad Loxley, Sun World Group Chief Operating Officer.

Roaring Timbers offers an exhilarating ride, reaching a height of 32.4 meters (106 feet), a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour (nearly 50 mph) and generating more than 3.5 vertical g-force during its 890 meter (2,920 feet) course around the tropical hillside terrain.

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