Sunday, June 23, 2024

Puy du Fou’s SAGA City of Light premieres in Shanghai

The SAGA City of Light experience debuted in Shanghai, China, on May 28. This venture marks Puy du Fou‘s inaugural entry into the Chinese market, showcasing collaboration between Triotech‘s technology and Puy du Fou’s storytelling.

The SAGA City of Light immersive show boasts seven dynamic platforms designed and built by Triotech, simulating a real-size train and other transportation vehicles. With a myriad of special effects and multimedia elements, visitors are transported back to the 1930s, exploring historical Shanghai across its vast 40,000 square meters (around 430,000 square feet). Featuring 26 possible routes, attendees embark on a two-hour journey through time, accompanied by friends and family.

Joseph Corbo Courtemanche, COO & Executive Producer of Puy du Fou Asia, praised Triotech’s commitment and proficiency, stating, “Triotech’s teams demonstrated great professionalism throughout the project. Their expertise in dynamic platforms is a valuable asset to the SAGA project. There is no doubt that visitors will appreciate the experience.”

Gabi Salabi, Managing Director Projects at Triotech, added, ”We’re very proud to have contributed to this groundbreaking SAGA City of Light project. Working with Puy du Fou and its rich history has been a remarkable journey, we look forward to continuing this special partnership.”

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