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Sally Dark Rides partners with Daniels Wood Land on interactive dark ride for Monterey’s historic Cannery Row

Orlando, FL (November 16, 2021) – Sally Dark Rides and the fabrication experts at Daniels Wood Land, have announced their partnership after unveiling a first look at a new dark ride, “Treasure Hunt: The Ride”, coming to the historic Cannery Row in Monterey Bay, California during the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. 

Concept art courtesy Sally Dark Rides/Daniels Wood Land.

The pirate-themed dark ride takes adventurous storytelling to a new level. Hand-crafted set pieces, animatronics and special effects will blend seamlessly with interactive media, making this unique, stand-alone attraction a destination for those visiting Monterey Bay.  Families, competitors, and thrill-seekers alike will soon enjoy an adventure that embraces the region’s local lore.

This is the first time Sally Dark Rides and Daniels Wood Land have partnered on both ownership and production of an attraction. “We have always been impressed with the scenic style and capabilities of the incredible artists and craftsmen from Daniels Wood Land. To work with them to create a one-of-a-kind pirate adventure in Monterey is something we were excited about from the moment we heard about the opportunity,” says John Wood CEO, Sally Dark Rides. 

Visitors of Monterey Bay are invited to explore a newly discovered system of caverns located beneath Cannery Row. Legend has it, these caverns were once a hideout, where famous Pirate Captain Hippolyte Bouchard and his crew of scallywags hid their treasure. 

During the exploration, riders will be provided “Cavern Car” vehicles and “Treasure Collector” interactive devices that will help them traverse the terrain down in the subterranean tunnels.  While riders keep their eyes peeled for treasure, they must also defend themselves against danger. Everything from the rising tide, sea monsters, and a fearsome skeleton crew will head their travels as they hunt for hidden treasure.

“When the location for the ride became available, I discussed it with my team… it took about 30 seconds to arrive at the conclusion that we need to build a world class dark ride down there… and it took just a few more seconds to agree how great it would be if we could shanghai the scallywags at Sally Dark Rides to join us in forming the most creative band of pirates that have ever plied the Western Coast. This is something my brother John and I have wanted to do for over 20 years… so it’s literally a dream coming true by the sweat of our brows, and it’s an honor and a privilege to partner with Sally Dark Rides and make it happen!”, Ron Daniels President, Daniels Wood Land.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride opens next year at 700 Cannery Row, Monterey Bay, California.

  • Ride area: 8,145 square feet (includes maintenance and queue)
  • (6) Ride zones
  • 4 Guests, 1:00/ 00:45 dispatch
  • (6) 4-Passenger, track-bound vehicles
  • 6:00/4:30 Ride experience(s)
  • 240/320 PPH THRC
  • 44” ADA egress lane

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