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Scenario and Firefly Creations collaborating on design-build of new themed attractions

Scenario and Firefly Creations are joining forces for the design and delivery of themed attractions in Europe and around the globe. Their first endeavor, Kraken Cove, is an adventurous theme park land that embodies the spirit of a living, breathing pirate town established by retired pirates around the nest of a Kraken. Kraken Cove encourages guests to become the star of their own adventure as they explore rides, shows, dining and retail experiences.

“Kraken Cove is an impressive design, cleverly living up to the theme park attraction equation ‘danger minus death equals fun’,” says Scenario’s Director of New Business Development, Matt Kent. “Because Scenario’s service offerings include turnkey project delivery as well as award-winning scenic and rockwork, this collaboration makes perfect sense. We are grateful to Firefly Creations and all experience designers for dreaming up these incredible worlds for Scenario to build.”

Nearing a time when guests will be able to safely return to parks to satisfy their craving for new theme park experiences, Kraken Cove represents how design can marry with state-of-the-art ride hardware and technology to create a cohesive world that will encourage guests to fully immerse themselves in a way that is only possible in-person. The centerpiece of Kraken Cove is the Kraken itself, clutching a drop tower, where guests will take on the mighty beast. In the distance, Neptune’s water coaster splashes into the lagoon, where guests may also experience nighttime spectaculars and stunt shows.

“It was our intent to maximize use of the lagoon space in order to engage visitors of all ages and create an area attracting visitation during the day and night,” says Firefly Creations’ Executive Producer, Michelle Hicks. “Each experience is designed to further develop the story of Kraken Cove and tell the many tales of these retired pirates, from the top spin disguised as a trap guarding the treasure to themed restaurants, retail and game experiences.”

Kraken Cove is one example of a project made possible through the collaboration between Scenario and Firefly Creations, creating a team that can deliver all aspects of creative and technical design, along with turnkey management over design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning. By working in close collaboration throughout all project stages, Scenario and Firefly Creations can deliver imaginative worlds and incredible guest experiences with the reassurance that all designs are both buildable and affordable within each projects’ budget constraints.

“Immersive ride experiences and storied narratives put guests in the heart of the action and adventure,” says Firefly Creations’ Creative Director, Andrew Porter. “Through the development of rich narratives connecting to audiences on an emotional level, we create memorable experiences engaging guests before, during and after their visit, creating a strong brand that not only drives footfall but continues engagement outside of the park, which will bring guests back again and again.”

Firefly Creations design and deliver attractions for theme parks and resorts to bring extraordinary worlds to life. From initial concept through to opening, Firefly develops inspirational stories into detailed and compelling attraction designs to drive footfall and build brand identity. Scenario is an award-winning turnkey show contractor and fabricator of environments for world-class guest experiences. With design and fabrication facilities in Orlando, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Manila, Zuhai, and Bangkok, Scenario is able to provide its clients with unparalleled turnkey delivery services anywhere in the world.

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Michelle Hicks, Co-Owner and Executive Producer, Firefly Creations [email protected]

Matt Kent, Director-New Business Development, Scenario [email protected]

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