Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Semnox brings technology solutions to Sir Goony’s Fun Zone

Sir Goony’s Fun Zone – the Chattanooga, Tennessee family entertainment center who has been providing family entertainment for over 60 years has invested in a Semnox POS system, a swipe card system, and self-service kiosk.

“Before we invested in Semnox’s Parafait system, our self-service kiosk only allowed cash to be put on cards for arcade game use,” explains Dutch Magrath III, president of Sir Goony’s. “We have many attractions, multi-attraction purchases, 2-hour unlimited options, and many other options that now can all be done on our Semnox kiosk,” continues Magrath. “Customers even use the kiosk to produce cards from online purchases using a QR code scanner. A customer can reserve a time and purchase attractions online and then get the cards at the kiosk when they arrive without waiting in line at the counter. We are finally catching up to what theaters have done for years!”

The Parafait self-service kiosk also allows guests to purchase RFID cards, check account
balances, and recharge their accounts — all with maximum efficiency and zero involvement of staff.

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