Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Simworx unveils new attraction product: Pegasus Flying Theatre

Complementing their existing flying attractions portfolio, Simworx recently launched their new flying theater solution, the Pegasus Flying Theatre, at this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando. The dynamic and scalable ride considers venues of all capacities and sizes.

The ride system, designed to offers a unique and thrilling way to way to be immersed with the on-screen action, seats guests astride the front restraint with their legs on either side, as they hold on to the front handlebars. Throughout its conception, enhancing storytelling has been at the forefront of the Pegasus’ design, with the ability for the generic shaped seat to be themed to suit any storyline — guests could be riding a jet bike, a space rocket or even a flying horse.

Riders board from multiple levels, where they are then seated. The shutter doors, in-front of their view, open to reveal an immersive, wide dome screen before their eyes.

“By creating a flying theater experience that can be customized to a park’s specific building size requirement, we create a more accessible attraction that gives parks with more limited footprints and budgets a greater opportunity to offer guests a flying experience,” comments Simworx CEO, Terry Monkton. “While its flexibility means that we can also offer any number of seats — 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc. — to accommodate the seating requirements for each specific customer.”

Throughout the ride experience, guests enjoy dynamic seat movement via the seat’s motion base that simulates the sensation of flying, while a range of in-theater effects such as water spray, wind, smoke and special effects lighting provide operators with a stand-out ride. The seats also feature a blinking, interactive button that can be incorporated into the media to give riders a feeling of input into the narrative.

The modular and customizable unit solves the recurring problem for venues with height constraints, delivering an authentic flying experience that delivers the same caliber of experience at every scale. The Pegasus can be spread over 1,2, 3 or even more levels of differing widths, to fit snuggly into pre-existing structures using a customised AV solution designed specifically to fit a customer’s desired layout and footprint. This ensures they can get the highest throughput possible whilst utilizing all their space efficiently.

As well as being able to provide a traditional “Fly Over Experience,” Pegasus is also designed so that it can deliver story-driven experiences. The Pegasus aims to give greater flexibility to theming the experience, from the vehicle’s aesthetic down the loading area, enhancing the storytelling journey and creating a more memorable experience.

Simworx lead creative Matt Clarkson comments, “Flying theaters have evolved beyond aerial tours of cities or flying through the clouds to story-driven experiences. Guests want to be transported to impossible places.”

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