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Six Flags announces its 2024 lineup

August 30, 2023 — Six Flags Entertainment Corporation today announced one of the most substantial planned investments in its parks in more than a decade.

“At Six Flags, our relentless drive for innovation is powered by our passion to create moments of pure joy and excitement for our guests,” said Selim Bassoul, President and CEO of Six Flags. “This investment is central to our strategy to create fun and memorable experiences for every member of the family and reinforces Six Flags’ position as the leader in thrills. This builds on our recent efforts to offer new events and dining experiences by also introducing new rides for thrill-seekers and families, all while making improvements to many existing popular rides.”

The upcoming investments span across more than a dozen parks. Included in this expansion are five brand-new rides in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and DC, bringing iconic DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains to life in exhilarating experiences. In addition, Six Flags will launch three new roller coasters including a state-of-the-art Ultra Surf coaster, the first Super Boomerang coaster in North America, and a new wood coaster featuring modern Timberliner™ coaster cars.

Highlights of the new rides coming to Six Flags parks include:

  • Six Flags Over Texas – The world’s first log flume now becomes one of the world’s longest log flumes in 2024. The new El Rio Lento will feature one new lift hill and two big drops including a giant, steep nosedive.
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas – An expansion of the DC Universe land will include CYBORG™ Cyber Revolution, creating an air-time-filled ride experience of four individual arms rotating in fast, intermeshing orbits; SHAZAM!™ Tower of Eternity rotating family drop tower; METROPOLIS Transit Authority allowing 16 passengers to relax and enjoy an aerial view 17 feet above DC™ Universe aboard two Art Deco covered monorail-style trains.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure – To celebrate its 50th anniversary year, the park will introduce the first super boomerang coaster to open in North America. THE FLASH™: Vertical Velocity rushes forward and backward at nearly 60 miles per hour through a 180-degree twisted drop and zero-G roll. In a flash, it changes direction and speeds off again, backward. Guests can also immerse themselves in an authentic African lodging experience at the new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa. Set within the expansive 350-acre Wild Safari Park, guests will enjoy ultra-luxurious “glamping” tents, scenic vistas, spa services and VIP dining, all creating an unforgettable safari getaway.
  • Six Flags St. Louis – THE JOKER™: Carnival of Chaos, standing at a record height of 17 stories tall, whips back and forth as the giant disk spins guests higher and higher while reaching speeds up to 75 miles per hour.
  • Six Flags Great America – Sky Striker is a giant pendulum attraction that sends riders on a journey to extreme heights. A massive, 17-story pendulum that glides effortlessly back and forth while rotating clockwise, reaching speeds of nearly 75 miles per hour delivers a heart-pounding experience of weightlessness at 172 feet in the air.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia – The first-of-its kind “Ultra Surf” coaster is bringing a new kind of coaster experience to the park with a track that launches riders forward and backward surfing at 60 miles per hour through a refreshing splash pool. Free-spinning seats ensures no two rides are alike. While the name of this thriller is still TBD, Six Flags Over Georgia fanatics will be invited to take part in the selection of the coaster’s official name.
  • Six Flags Great Escape – The Bobcat wooden roller coaster roars in at nearly 40 miles per hour with a family-friendly modernized coaster train providing a comfortable ride experience with tight turns, hills and curves thrill seekers crave.

In addition to the new rides and attractions, many Six Flags parks will see new theming and other improvements to existing rides. At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, a newly themed SUPERGIRL™ Sky Flight will lift guests 200 feet in the air offering views of the park. Newly themed DC Universe rides at the park include GREEN LANTERN™: AirbornePOISON IVY™: Toxic SpinTHE PENGUIN™: Gotham City Getaway and BATGIRL™: Gotham City ChaseSix Flags America in celebration of its 25th Anniversary year, will get a newly-themed SteamTown – where the past meets the future. This redeveloped steampunk realm will include a whole new storyline, three re-imagined attractions, return of the award-winning stunt show, new food and retail offers, and new surprises of prehistoric proportions. It will also feature the all new SteamWhirler a family thrill ride in which 4 arms rotate in fast intermeshing orbits.

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