Monday, July 15, 2024

SPH Engineering launches Drone Show Creator program to streamline design

SPH Engineering announced the launch of their Drone Show Creator technology. It aims to optimize time in developing a drone show animation while managing speed and distance safety. It has the ability to create static scenes based on 2D images or by uploading complex 3D scenes.

The creation of an animation is the first step in any drone swarm show and a key to a safe performance. At the animation stage it is important to mind physical limitations of light show drones: the speed should not exceed 5 meters per second (11 mph), and the distance should not be less than 2.5 meters (8 feet). Drone Show Creator accelerates the process of a light show production and optimizes the technical part of the creative process thanks to simplified algorithms. It streamlines the creation of takeoff and landing formations, linking key scenes to each other and maintaining both safe speed and allowable distance between drones.

“Drone Show Creator has become the result of two-year close work with creative minds and drone show providers to automate processes, ease the job of animators and secure safety show parameters for event organizers,” commented Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO at SPH Engineering.

Drone Show Creator is compatible with Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering. The software supports UAV fleets of various trusted manufacturers and manages a swarm of drones equipped with lights, fireworks, smoke generators or other payloads as flying pixels for shows.

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