Sunday, April 14, 2024

TAIT acquires ITEC Entertainment, creating end-to-end design solution organization

TAIT, the global group of creative engineers, fabricators, producers and technologists for live entertainment environments, announced its acquisition of ITEC Entertainment (ITEC), an industry leader of worldwide solutions in entertainment design, technology and project development. The acquisition brings together two organizations with complementary expertise in mounting live events and experiences. ITEC will join the TAIT group comprised of a roster of innovators, creating a comprehensive end-to-end developer of entertainment projects and solutions.

Operating since 1978, TAIT is a premier, global leader in the live entertainment industry. TAIT’s diverse group of markets include theme parks, theaters, cruise ships, concerts and corporate events with marquee clients ranging from Princess Cruises, Fortnite World Cup, and U2 to Disney, Universal, and the Olympics. At the core of its services is TAIT Navigator, a show control and proprietary automation platform that maximizes the client’s creative vision.

ITEC was founded in 1985 and has delivered some of the most successful and comprehensive guest experiences spanning theme parks, resorts, rides and shows, and cultural attractions for clients such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Madison Square Garden Ventures, LEGO, Wanda Group and Dubai Parks. With offices in Orlando, Los Angeles and Osaka, ITEC has maintained and even expanded its business throughout the pandemic. ITEC’s leadership team including: President and CEO Bill Coan; Chief Technology Officer Marc Plogstedt; EVP, Project Development Team Jeff Jensen; and EVP, Entertainment Technology Steve Alkhoja will remain with the company.

With complementary culture and skillsets in engineering, technology, creative design and client management, the partnership offers a unique opportunity for both companies to achieve significant, sustained growth. The acquisition will allow TAIT to add capabilities in support of clients locally in Orlando as the company establishes a presence within ITEC’s existing Orlando headquarters.

“We felt it was a natural progression to join TAIT’s long legacy of success in the live entertainment industry and rising growth in the theme park and attractions world,” said Bill Coan, President & CEO, ITEC Entertainment. “Our combined ingenuity will achieve bigger, better, and more awe-inspiring shows and experiences for our customers, and our access to strategically located global resources and services will better meet the increasing complexity of projects in the themed entertainment space and beyond.”

“ITEC’s tremendous success over the past 35 years is nothing short of remarkable,” said Adam Davis, TAIT’s Chief Creative Officer. “We have long-admired their innovation, continued growth and their contributions to live events and visitor experiences. I know that together we will continue to deliver on that promise to all of our customers around the globe.”

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