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TEA Masters of their Craft Program to open for nominations April 15

Recognizing the achievements of individuals — the artists, writers, producers, engineers and craftspeople with distinguished careers who have made significant and enduring contributions to the industry through their innovation, leadership, and expertise – the window for the TEA Masters of their Craft program officially opens on April 15 and stays available for nominations through to June 1.

The TEA Masters of their Craft program recognizes a small number of individuals each year, whose skills epitomize the highest standards within their disciplines and who have used those skills to advance their field and the themed entertainment industry.

Each TEA Master has built a body of work over decades that demonstrates consistent quality and execution. Often unknown except among their peers and collaborators, TEA Masters help create visceral stories, rides, attractions, events, and places that thrill, delight, and educate guests worldwide.

Said a TEA spokesperson: “If you know someone who represents the highest level of craft and professionalism in their field, we invite you to submit their name for consideration as a TEA Master. Share your stories; tell us why you feel they deserve to be honored. Nominate a colleague you know… who you’ve worked with… shared experiences with… and whose work has impacted our world.”


To qualify for consideration as a TEA Master, nominees must be able to display outstanding performance during a 20+ career within similar disciplines; have experience working on a global stage; be a role model, well respected and looked upon throughout the industry and have played a distinctive role on several major/signature projects.


Judges will be looking for nominees that are exceptional in demonstrating “thinking outside of the box”. They should also be masters by virtue of what they do and how they do it with the depth of knowledge and patience to explain to those that do not necessarily understand why they have made a recommendation or practiced their craft in a given way.

Impact upon the industry

Nominees for the TEA Masters of their Craft program must have excelled in mentoring and developing a new generation of experts within relevant fields and contributed a visible effect on the industry over the years.

TEA Masters are always going the extra mile to help/teach newcomers/apprentices to their craft and empower others to excel in their own skill and bring out the best in a person to help them achieve, installing confidence in those around them.

Willing and able to participate

Nominees must be willing and able to participate in the recognition ceremony and be on a panel for TEA Global programming.

TEA Masters must allow the TEA to video an interview during the panel presentation for TEA Global programming and participate in TEA education and/or mentoring programs during the two years following receipt of TEA Master recognition.

They must not be serving on the TEA International Board, or the TEA Masters Selection Committee.

Artisans or designers nominated for a TEA Masters Award may be asked to submit resumes, photos of completed projects, designs, artwork, work samples, graphics or video containing highlights of their craft sufficient to support the selection process.

More information is available here.

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