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The Amazing Bay, an entirely ProSlide waterpark, opens in Vietnam

ProSlide Technology Inc. celebrates the opening of Vietnam’s largest waterpark, The Amazing Bay, owned by Suoi Tien Group. Located close to Ho Chi Minh City, The Amazing Bay features 19 high-performance water rides supplied exclusively by ProSlide, making it the country’s first 100% ProSlide waterpark, along with debuting the first ProSlide SURF in Asia.

“The guest experience created by the attractions is one of the most important drivers of waterpark success”, says Nik Paas, ProSlide’s Regional Vice President Sales – Asia-Pacific. “It was critical to collaborate on the right mix based on Suoi Tien’s vision, expected demographics, and emerging market trends. We’re proud to have been part of the initial concept phase for The Amazing Bay in 2016 all the way to the opening this year. Suoi Tien’s goal has always been to create an unforgettable experience for its guests, and this will certainly achieve that, along with continuing to raise the bar in the Vietnam amusement & tourism industry.”

Photos courtesy of ProSlide Technology, Inc.

The new Vietnamese park features award-winning ProSlide water rides like TORNADO 60, the original MAMMOTH, the TornadoWAVE and many more. The Amazing Bay’s ProSlide-powered ride mix includes the following ProSlide water rides:

  • TORNADO 60 + TornadoWAVE 60
  • BehemothBOWL 60 + MAMMOTH
  • CannonBOWL 30 + PIPEline x2 + Dueling PIPEline
  • RideHOUSE 600
  • RideHOUSE 200
  • KIDZ OctopusRACER
  • ProSURF (Asia’s first)
ProSlide master planning develops the concept

ProSlide’s Master Planning team began exploring concepts for The Amazing Bay with the Suoi Tien Group team as far back as 2016. Speaking of the importance of this stage, Daniel Jackson, Principal of ProSlide’s Master Planning team says, “Concept design is the first step in every waterpark plan, and it’s crucial to the park’s success. It’s during this stage that the fundamentals of a waterpark are established and the latest trends from leading waterparks around the world are incorporated into the layout of the park. Adhering to these proven principles early in the process results in a premium guest experience — the most critical factor contributing to the success of a water park.”

Remarking on the end result, Jackson says, “The success of Amazing Bay is the product of a unique collaboration that marries ProSlide’s in-depth understanding of the waterpark industry and a visionary client that was driven to raise the standard of waterparks in Vietnam.”

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