Monday, May 29, 2023

The Lonely Dog Immersive Experience opens in Orlando

The novel based on the Lonely Dog paintings by New Zealand artist Ivan Clarke is now an immersive storytelling exhibition. Located on International Drive in Orlando, Florida, The Lonely Dog Immersive Experience lets audiences jump into the world of the stray hound turned guitarist in a new immersive show that combines the art of storytelling with animated paintings, 3D imagery, and original music.

The experience transports audiences into a visual adventure of the life of Lonely Dog, a misunderstood orphan who overcomes bullies to become a legend whose music heals a divided society of posh cats and working-class dogs in the fictional world of Alveridgea, as animated paintings, 3D imagery, and original music are projected throughout the digital theater for an immersive, 30-minute cinematic show.

The Lonely Dog Immersive Experience draws on international talent from director and Producer Cliff Dew and Producer Rob Pearlman of Jumping Frog Entertainment USA, Exodo Animation Studios, an award-winning animation studio in Mexico, and Centrica in Italy, a leader in immersive art experiences that brought to life the famous Uffizi collection, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Geoff Pearlman, a seasoned music producer out of Los Angeles, created original music for the exhibition based on lyrics from the Lonely Dog novel.

 Other highlights of The Lonely Dog Immersive Experience include:

•            Art Gallery: The gallery showcases nearly 40 pieces of artwork by Clarke that inspired the story, starring Lonely Dog, Celia Crème, and other hound and feline characters.

•            Virtual Reality Lounge: Wearing virtual reality goggles, guests fly alongside Lonely Dog on a journey that soars through the skies and dives into the depths of the sea.

•            Coco Kitz: Sit back, relax and enjoy live music from the incomparable Donovan Peterkin every Thursday through Sunday from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in this hopping venue.

•            Selfie Salon: Snap a picture with your favorite Lonely Dog character and share it on social media with your pack of friends.

•            Art Studio: Aspiring artists complete some of Clarke’s most cherished dog and cat paintings, then can see their masterpiece projected on a giant Coloring Fun Art Wall.

•            CafeTerra: Guest can stop by for snacks and refreshments, including coffee and smoothies, during business hours.

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