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Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement officially presented to Roland Mack

Europa-Park was thrilled to see Roland Mack presented with the coveted Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement at the gala event held at the Disney Hotel in Los Angeles on April 15. “Roland Mack, founder of Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park, is considered one of the most innovative and successful pioneers and thought leaders in the international entertainment industry,” it said afterwards.

At the event which hosted more than a thousand international guests, the successful entrepreneur from Baden was the first theme park owner to receive the ‘Buzz Price Award’ for his life’s work, namely his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and great commitment to the industry. The award is named after Harrison Alan ‘Buzz’ Price (1921-2010), one of the closest confidants of the legendary Walt Disney. Since 1994, the Thea Awards have been held to recognise individuals and companies for excellence in the entertainment industry.

Together with his father Franz, his wife Marianne and brother Jürgen, Roland Mack developed Europa-Park and lead the close-by production company Mack Rides, which is almost 250 years old, to global success.

Now, Roland Mack is gradually handing over the company to the next generation. “I am a trustee for our family business and want to be able to hand over a company that is well prepared for the future. To not do so would mean I have failed as an entrepreneur.” Sons Michael and Thomas have long been managing partners, and daughter Ann-Kathrin is a qualified architect and authorized signatory.

“This international award confirms the important role our business plays in the attractiveness of the region, with our 4,500 employees and around 8,000 indirect jobs,“ said Roland Mack: “It is an important signal to decision-makers that creation of value lies not only in production, but also with service providers like us. The fact that we are one of the best theme parks in the world, located in Rust, Baden, is mainly due to our consistent implementation of innovation and quality.” Europa-Park now also plays an important role in digital offerings and animated films.

The Buzz Price Award is considered one of the industry’s most prestigious lifetime achievement awards. The international jury consists exclusively of top-class designers, architects and creators. “We are very pleased to announce this year’s Thea Award recipient,” said Chuck Fawcett, president of TEA’s International Board of Directors.

Bob Rogers, chair of the Thea Award Lifetime Committee said: “This is the first time a Lifetime Thea Award has been presented to a park owner or operator. This hasn’t happened in the past as the award was only given for top creative achievements.

The jury consists of the international dreamers, storytellers, artists and technicians who have invented and created experiences that captivate visitors at theme parks and other attractions. They chose Roland Mack because the international creative community does not see him as an owner or operator, but as one of their own. No other owner or operator has been honoured in this way, and this award recognises Roland Mack’s lifelong, outstanding creative and technical innovation achievements.”

Roland Mack said: “I am very honoured to receive this top-class international award. Design, creation and emotion, along with quality and innovation, are key to the success of a theme park. My experience, in almost 50 years of Europa-Park, has been that the best designers are our visitors. We simply have to listen to them.”

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