Monday, July 15, 2024

Tippett Studio appoints Gary Mundell as COO

Tippett Studio, founded by two-time Academy Award winning artist, animator and filmmaker Phil Tippett has announced that current Head of Production Gary Mundell has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Recent Tippett projects include Season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney+, Season 2 of Locke and Key on Netflix, and Marvel Studio’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The studio has recently moved into content production for themed entertainment and partnering with international brands in addition to their leading role as one of the industry’s post production houses.

Mundell will assume all COO duties of the company. Before his elevation to COO, he was Executive Producer and Head of Production at the studio, responsible for studio operations and producing on several large-scale projects. Mundell is an expert in pipeline and software for production, and prior to Tippett Studio he was a Co-Founder and CEO of Loft Software in Berkeley, California, a software company building asset control tools for global real-time film, games and commercial production. He was also a Founder of Southpawtech/TACTIC, specializing in pipeline and production tools. Mundell was also active in software development at Alias/Wavefront in the creations and development in MAYA, and also has extensive worldwide experience in India and China, and in the general business of VFX and Software tools from a production standpoint.

“Gary Mundell has filled a position sorely needed at my company. In the short time he’s been here, he’s implemented practices that have improved the studio immensely. He has my complete trust,” said Phil Tippett.

“When I got to Tippett, I knew I was gonna have to make some big changes. Phil tried to fire me three times before he caught on that I was actually making things better. I have big plans for Tippett Studio — modernizing systems and processes that are already making us stronger, faster and better equipped to deliver the top-quality film, TV, commercial and themed entertainment work we’re known for. Tippett’s animation is the best in the business and I feel right at home at the studio,” said Mundell.

CEO Sanjay Das quickly bought into the contagious passion of what Nundell exhibits, remarking, “This is one guy I can trust as this business needs a serious transformation. Gary’s unique orchestration of technology and creativity is the blend we need as we explore undiscovered dimensions in entertainment.”

Tippett Studio co-founder Jules Roman added, “Gary has become an integral part of Tippett Studio with his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the business of VFX. We know he will embrace his new role as COO with his usual energy and help the Studio move forward into its next phase!”

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