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Tivoli Gardens celebrates Fourth of July complete with weekend fireworks

This year marks the 245th anniversary of the United States’ independence. And for the first time, it will be possible to experience a Danish version of Fourth of July in Denmark’s iconic Tivoli Gardens. Throughout the Fourth of July weekend, it will be possible to get a taste of American food and culture, such as an American barbecue, a gospel concert and a talk with the former American Ambassador of Denmark, now chief of protocol in the Biden administration, Rufus Gifford.

Furthermore, Copenhagen Phil will be entertaining with old Hollywood music and, finally, car enthusiasts can get their car fix with old American Mustangs, Cadillacs and Chevys placed around the Garden. The festivities will take place on Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4, both days ending with fireworks.

Photo courtesy of Tivoli Gardens.
American cars, ambassadors and American pie

It will be possible to take a closer look at genuine American vintage cars on display around the Garden throughout the weekend. Guests will also be able to listen to both gospel and classical concerts, including Copenhagen Phil’s concert theme, “Hollywood on the Lawn,” where well-known Hollywood music from “The Wizard of Oz,” “Annie Get Your Gun” and many others will be played.

Photo courtesy of Tivoli Gardens.

Meanwhile, in true Fourth of July style, guests can enjoy American barbecue favorites at the restaurant Mrs. Nimb and then finish off the meal with a slice of pie at The American Pie Company stall or a refreshing milkshake at Prices Diner. And, as the big draw, the former US Ambassador of Denmark, now chief of protocol in the Biden administration, Rufus Gifford, will be visiting Tivoli for a chat with journalist Miriam Zesler about America then and now.

Rufus Gifford is looking forward to returning to Denmark and Tivoli to celebrate the Fourth of July, “Fourth of July is a quintessential American holiday. With great friends, family, food and fireworks, Americans and our friends around the world celebrate the founding of our country. As Ambassador, I always loved to embrace Danish holidays and traditions, some of which Stephen and I brought home with us to the US. Now, to come back to Denmark to celebrate the most iconic of American holidays alongside our Danish friends in the wonderful Tivoli Gardens allows us to share with all of you not just our holiday but our spirit of Democracy and Freedom that we cherish.”

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