Thursday, April 15, 2021

Dragon Quest: The Real Lets Guest Control Their Own Experience at Universal Studios Japan

Starting March 17, Universal Studios Japan will offer a variety of attractions and entertainment that goes one step beyond the norm with Dragon Quest: The Real, a walk-through interactive experience based on the beloved video game.

Three reasons why you can become a real hero and engage in real battles in this well-loved world of adventure

1. You can choose your vocation, grab a weapon and go on an adventure

Guests will choose from Dragon Quest vocations, such as warrior or mage, giving the role their own unique spin with weapon in hand, and cooperate with a party of friends to advance. Within the attraction, the weapons will change to match the features of each person’s vocation, and by casting spells, they can attack monsters using their own abilities.

2. You can explore actual Dungeons, painstakingly reproduced with high quality

On arriving at the castle entrance, guests will receive a certain request from the King, and embark on a world of adventure. Together with their allies, guests will work their way through dungeons, with detailed features like frozen passages, brandishing their weapons at the series of monsters that appear.

3. You can defeat monsters to gain experience points and “level up”

When guests defeat monsters, they will gain experience points and “level up”. By increasing their stats (abilities) and becoming stronger, guests can truly experience the “growth” factor that could be described as Dragon Quest‘s real charm, heightening the sense of accomplishment.


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