Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Vekoma designs custom launch coaster for Fantawild

On May 28, the Fantawild Group officially opened their new theme park Fanta Park Glorious Orient in Ganzhou, located in the Jiangxi province of China. In the park, Vekoma Rides’ custom-designed Top Gun Launch Coaster entitled “Fighter Jet” is themed around an aircraft carrier take-off, sporting four fighter jet trains with a maximum of eight passengers per train. After the power launch that sends riders to 97 kilometers per hour — roughly 60 mph — in three seconds, riders experience several dueling train effects and four inversions.

Design philosophy

The concept for the attraction was created by the Fantawild design team. They presented the idea and asked Vekoma to design something that would simulate the flight of a fighter jet launching from an aircraft carrier. Starting from that initial concept, Vekoma tried to include as many direction changes and force changes that would simulate a two fighter jets battling in the sky.

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