Friday, April 23, 2021

wiegand.maelzer Brings its Unique Slide Engineering to China’s HotGo Waterpark

Promptly before the beginning of the Chinese New Year, visitors to the HotGo waterpark in China’s Fushun were given an opportunity to enjoy 7 brand new attractions from wiegand.maelzer. The park offers five water rides with a total length of 381 m and 2 playgrounds.

At 16 meters, the park features Asia’s highest Freefall slide made from stainless steel. Fans of tube sliding enjoy the Rain Forest – a 139.3 m long ride with a diameter of 1.4 m. A sophisticated curved path wiggles like a snake through the rain forest and impresses with a multimedia LED jump.

Adventure Pakrisan is made from FRP. In this 113.4 m long ride visitors jet through a combination of curves, while the ride is highlighted by six successive acrylic elements – 7.5 m long each. Onlookers in the pool see other visitors pass by at high speed.

The 8.4 m starting height of China’s first tumble wave slide made from stainless steel enables perfect acceleration. On this ride, named River Rafting, guests can enjoy a combination of compression and airtime along 5 hills.

Smaller ones are able to try a children’s slide, which spins over the Lazy River at a length of 39.4 m and, with its playground and a submarine boat, invites youngsters to play and discover.

HotGo Park’s success will continue this summer with a large expansion of the outdoor area including 14 further slides by wiegand.maelzer.

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