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Wild Adventures opens new addition as part of park wide investment

On March 14, Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia, officially opened its latest addition and announced even more projects as part of the park’s multi-million dollar expansions in 2023.

Wild Adventures opens for its 2023 Season on Saturday, March 18 with the all-new Oasis Outpost, a nearly three-acre addition to the park.

“Oasis Outpost provides families with new ways to escape, have adventures, and get close to our very special and intriguing animals,” said Jon Vigue, vice president and general manager. “The whole area is designed to create an unforgettable experience.”

Among Oasis Outpost’s many attractions is the Trail Trackers adventure ride, where kids can get behind the wheel and drive into a leopard and sulcata tortoise habitat to observe their behaviors. The new Misty Springs Soak Station offers a refreshing play area with towering misting posts and splash pads, and the area also features two Stay and Play Zones for children to explore while parents relax.

Oasis Outpost is also the home of a brand new Wild Adventures restaurant, Paradise Pizza. The new location will serve personal-sized pizzas, salads and boba lemonades.

“Of course, my favorite part of Oasis Outpost is the additions we made to our animal family,” said Vigue. “Inside this area you will meet caracals, African crested porcupines, prairie dogs, tamanduas, and spider monkeys.”

Oasis Outpost is just one part of the multi-million dollar investments Wild Adventures is making in 2023. On Tuesday, Vigue announced the construction of a new campground experience.

“In 2024, the adventure will get bigger when Wild Adventures provides families with a one-of-a-kind way to sleep under the stars and next to the animals at a brand new seven-acre campground adjacent to the theme park,” said Vigue. “The full-facility campground, including a camp store and bathhouse, offers a mixture of RV and tent camping with special amenities like a fishing pond and walking trails, as well as close-up experiences to interact with and learn about some amazing animals.”

Wild Adventures will break ground on the new campground in early summer with plans to open in 2024. In addition to announcing the campground, Vigue also announced an expansion of the park’s Wild Adventures Christmas event.

“We are taking our Christmas spirit to the next level with a new floating lake spectacular featuring thousands of sparkling lights, an immersive walk-through illuminated tunnel that rhythmically dances to your favorite Christmas songs, and the addition of beloved Christmas characters and experiences, including a Gingerbread Village created to capture one-of-a-kind photo memories,” said Vigue. “This expansion will transform Wild Adventures Christmas into a must-experience event for all of South Georgia, North Florida and beyond.”

The new Oasis Outpost, the construction of a campground and the expansion of Wild Adventures Christmas represents a multi-million dollar investment over the next year.

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