Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wild Color at the Field Museum brings nature’s intense colors front and center

On October 22, a new exhibit at the Field Museum will transport visitors into an immersive, colorful world that organizers describe as a walk through the rainbow.

Wild Color will highlight the science behind nature’s colors in this highly interactive exhibit featuring unique specimens from the museum’s collection.

“It’s like a walk through the rainbow,” says Janet Hong, exhibition project manager. “There are a lot of beautiful, intense things to see. We are really aiming to transport people out of their everyday world.”

Wild Color will include a variety of photo-worthy moments and experiences for museum-goers of all ages. Throughout the 7,000-square foot exhibition, visitors will discover brilliant gems and iridescent minerals, explore the startling hues of animals that glow under ultraviolet light, and learn about a “super black” bird of paradise. The show will include vibrant visuals, large-scale media projections and soundscapes to create multisensory atmospheres, as well as examples of nature’s colors, like shimmering, radiant hummingbirds.

“We think that coming to see this show is going to amplify visitors’ appreciation of nature,” Hong says, “and really attune them to seeing things that maybe they didn’t notice before.”

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