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Wildfire Inc. Spreads UV Effects at LDI

Wildfire Inc. Lighting and Visual Effects, the industry leader in UV (aka ultraviolet or “black light”) effects, fixtures and products, participated successfully at the annual LDI trade show for the lighting community, held in Las Vegas Oct. 20-26, launching a new line of UV paints and showcasing existing products that help create special effects for theatre, entertainment and special events.

Wildfire’s new line of UV Laser Paint is designed specifically to work with BlissLight’s new UV405 Blacklight Starfield Projector. The projector emits a field of lasers at 405nm (nanometers), which react to the UV-sensitive Laser Paint, creating a glowing star field effect. All the colors of the spectrum are possible-even a true white, which hasn’t been achieved with other UV paints. Wildfire Laser Paint will be available for purchase beginning in December 2008, directly from Wildfire and through selected distributors including Rose Brand.

A popular use of Wildfire products is the dual image backdrop – a painted scene that shows one image in regular light and another in black light. The effect is produced by painting the latter scene with Wildfire’s special luminescent paints that become visible under UV light. Wildfire demonstrated the effect at its LDI exhibit booth with a dual image painting by Creative Director Kent Mathieu. It can be viewed in the dual image slideshow on the Wildfire website.
Wildfire provided a special luminescent water dye that added a UV glow to the award winning Aqua Visual FX water curtain displayed at LDI by Pyrotek Special Effects. Aqua Visual FX uses waterscreen technology to create a “waterfall billboard” with the ability to exhibit custom-animated graphics, shapes and text images.

In a straightforward demonstration of how UV effects can be applied for marketing purposes, a Wildfire rep walked around the show passing out cards with hidden UV messages that became visible under Wildfire’s booth lights. Visitors who followed their curiosity to the booth were rewarded with prizes.

A brief behind-the-scenes video of Wildfire at LDI 2008 will be available for viewing from the Wildfire website at

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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