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5 Wits’ "20,000 Leagues" immerses visitors in the world of Jules Verne

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts /PRNewswire/ — Following up on the incredible success of the spy adventure Espionage, 5 Wits will open its newest interactive adventure at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Friday, March 4, 2011
20,000 Leagues, a walk-through deep sea adventure, is the latest one-of-a-kind entertainment experience from the mind of Matthew DuPlessie, president and CEO of 5 Wits. 
“This show has certainly been an adventure to build, and we can’t wait to share that with our guests,” said DuPlessie, whose team conceptualized, developed, designed and built 20,000 Leagues, Espionage and their predecessor, the wildly-successful TOMB, which ended its six-year run in Boston‘s Fenway neighborhood last year. 
“Everything we learned from TOMB and Espionage we have incorporated into 20,000 Leagues, which makes this our most exciting show yet. We want guests to leave amazed.” 

In 20,000 Leagues, a visit to a museum turns into an extraordinary journey when visitors stumble upon the entrance to Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. Thought to be a fantastical creation from the mind of Jules Verne, the mysterious vessel, carefully hidden for 100 years, is the first of many secrets unveiled on the hour-long, walk-through adventure. Visitors will have to uncover Nemo’s secrets, defeat mechanical puzzles, and face mythical creatures of the deep to solve the greatest mystery under the sea: what happened to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus? 
“Where in Espionage you had a very clear mission to complete, 20,000 Leagues is much more about exploration and the saga of Nemo and his crew. The feel is a bit different from our previous adventures, but it’s just as hands-on and immersive,” said DuPlessie.
Since opening in August 2010, Espionage has attracted more than 25,000 visitors to Patriot Place to become spies infiltrating the headquarters of the notorious CABAL Corporation. With the opening of 20,000 Leagues in the same location, both fans of Espionage and newcomers will have the option to be a spy or a deep sea explorer, or both, in the same visit. 
5 Wits Patriot Place is located in Patriot Place’s North Marketplace and is open seven days a week. 
Judith Rubin
Judith Rubin
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