Saturday, April 17, 2021

accesso Press Conference – IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013


Orlando, FL, USA (November 19, 2013) — InPark’s Martin Palicki reports for the accesso press conference at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, where CEO Tom Burnet has just spoken.

  • Since starting, 2.7 million of their ticketing apps have been downloaded.  77 million tickets have been sold
  • Burnet says, “New technology wave is so pervasive it touches everyone’s lives”
  • Why is there no more Lo-Q? Americans don’t use the term Queue, so the name doesn’t make sense and they didn’t like the word “lo” in the title. They are keeping the Lo-Q product barnds, but calling them Lo-Queue.\
  • CEO Tom Burnet makes the bold assertion that we will see a queueless theme park sooner than expected. The company ran an experiment on a popular ride at a European theme park this summer only allowing people to ride with a reservation they made using their own smart device, and it was a big success.
  • When will q-bots transfer to personal devices? Not until Apple integrates NFC (Near Field Communication) into its phones. Also, waterparks and phones don’t mix, so there’s still a market for devices there.
  • Burnet gives the quintessential British quote: “With technology, the guest experience is consistently brilliant.”

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