Thursday, May 23, 2024

AdventureLAB supports storytelling for BoldMove’s Houba City

Recently, BoldMove Nation announced the launch of its new Urban Experience Center called Houba City — a location-based, all-family entertainment center, which combines VR, AR and mixed-reality attractions in an immersive themed environment. A network of partners and experts will work together to deliver experiences to visitors worldwide. AdventureLAB’s Klaus Sommer Paulsen will join the team as Integrated Storytelling Director.

Images courtesy of BoldMove Nation & AdventureLAB. © Marsupilami 2021 Dargaud-Lombard SA

The story universe of Marsupilami created by André Franquin in 1952 has taken many forms and engaged audiences worldwide for decades as an established multimedia franchise. With the launch of Houba City, BoldMove brings the stories of the jungle to life in a unique urban environment and will welcome families to explore and have fun alongside the characters. AdventureLAB will support the development by translating the original storyverse into themed experiences, ensuring an authentic interaction with the characters.

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